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Experience unparalleled luxury with our Lux collection.


Size: 25"W x 17"H 

Imprint Method: Sublimated and Screen Printed 

Materials: 20oz Canvas  

Other: Metal Closure and Many Interior Pockets 




Cabana Tote

SKU: LUX-2517
  • Overseas Pricing

    The Lux Collection 

    AIR: 4-5 Weeks SEA: 12 Weeks

    Units Air Price (R) Sea Price (R)
    250 $68.64  
    500 $62.91  
    1000 $58.58  
    2500   $23.22
    5000   $21.11
    10000   $18.54

    Setup & Prepro Sample Cost: $416 (R)
    Pricing above is for our 20oz canvas toe with sublimated stripes and printed logo. Metal closure and many interior pockets. 

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