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case studies




Rachel Ray

For this custom satchel, Rachael Ray wanted to promote a new product launch: a new brand of dog food made with real meat and vegetables. To spread the word, LBU in New York created this promotional bag featuring a detachable shoulder strap that converts into a dog leash. Not only could recipients use the satchel to carry dog chow home from their local store, they could also use the leash to bring their furry friend along – the perfect way to appeal to pet owners.




Cartoon Network’s demographic is children and teenagers, so LBU settled on a custom promo emblazoned with bright and colorful cartoons – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, to be exact. The Powerpuff Girls are both a Gen Z fav and a major dose of nostalgia for millennials, making it the perfect license for mass appeal across all ages. Best of all, backpacks are the bag of choice for kids and teens, which means their branded goods will be used and seen over and over.




This custom project was created for Lifetime, which was producing a holiday movie based on Grumpy Cat – the internet’s favorite unamused feline. To spread excitement about the flick, Lifetime wanted to showcase Grumpy Cat’s unique personality and give a sneak peek to the type of humor viewers could expect from the special. To accomplish this, LBU embellished their pillows with the star herself, featuring her signature snarl and a tongue-in-cheek warning on the pocket that, no, you cannot have the remote. Talk about the cat’s meow.



For Zumba’s “We Move the World” campaign, they wanted to create custom duffle giveaways for their Zumba Instructor Convention. These promos are all about bright colors and movement, just like the namesake exercise craze. While they look stylish, the bag itself was built with purpose: This duffle is made with durable material to hold everything gym-goers throw inside. Plus its functional design prevents back strain while still providing tons of room to store shoes, weights and exercise bands.




In case you missed this fashion craze, let us bring you up to speed: Bringing together style and convenience, this backpack is nothing to “wine” about!  Comfortable shoulder straps and a side spout, the Franzia box of wine makes a perfect fit for a picnic, hike, or your next BBQ! To bring this to life, LBU was given all the specs on Franzia’s dream, and LBU’s creative team brought this item to life! We raise our glasses to this one!


recycled felt


COTERIE is a global fashion event that brings together top talent in the industry with new brands hoping to break into the market. For their custom projects, LBU knew sleek and stylish was a must – however, since these items were giveaways for tons of attendees, it was important they didn’t break the bank either. To get the best of both worlds, LBU settled on a trendy modern over-the-shoulder tote made with 100% recycled post-consumer water bottles. This eco-friendly favorite was within budget and made a big impact on attendees.





Where's the butter?! This waffle-shaped waist pack embodies Hampton Inn’s commitment to providing a memorable and enjoyable experience for their guests. With the help of LBU's creative team, this eye-catching waist pack was born! With syrup koozie included, this pack was deeply involved in Hamptons marketing for waffle day and left everyone with good laugh and a fresh waffle! Read more about it here





9J9A2933-2 (1).png

Founded by Patriotic First Responders/Veterans, Freedom Flames Grilling Company

sought after a partnership that was TRULY American made. Working together, these 

grill-ready, high quality aprons were born! We are so thankful they trusted us to make their beautiful products! 

Imagine a cooler that not only keeps your beverages ice-cold but also adds a touch of fun to your next event! Resembling the iconic beverage can, this truly upright cooler is insulated to keep your beverages icy cold! PMS matched and a top zippered closure for easy access. It's not just a cooler; it's a conversation starter!




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